Luke 10:25-37

The lectionary reading for today includes these verses. If you are unfamiliar with lectionary readings, they are a set of 4 scriptures (1 Old Testament, 1 Psalm, 1 Gospel, 1 Letter) to be read during the week. After 4 years, the entire Bible will be covered. I’m starting the journey today. If you travel with me, on July 11, 2014, we should be at our destination, having read the whole Bible.

I don’t plan on giving any in depth explanations of scripture but rather share my feelings and experiences as they relate to the scriptures. I hope you will do the same.

Today I’m reading THE MESSAGE Bible. It titles this passage: “Defining Neighbor.” It’s the story of the Good Samaritan. Our sermon in church today was about how we should be good neighbors. Yes definitely. But the first thing I think of when I hear neighbor, is the most beloved neighbor, Mr. Rogers. He too became a neighbor to others because of all the good he did for them. That was what our preacher was encouraging us to do today, find people in need and help them, be a good neighbor.

I’d like to be your neighbor. Mr. Rogers did it from a TV studio, can I do it from my computer? I’m going to try.

One more comment, there are two neighbors in this story, the Samaritan and the man who was robbed and beaten. A person in need, who accepts the help of another, is also a neighbor.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

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  1. sydperry says:

    I’m leaving this comment from an email message from Mari. I just wanted it saved here:

    I think the wordpress blog looks great. I subscribed! Really professional. Are you sure you have time to maintain three blogs and have two jobs and watch TV and read and crochet and exercise and play with Owen? When you’re ready to get readers you could promote it on Facebook, mention it in Gracenotes, etc.

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