Don’t be afraid, Be prepared

Luke 12:32-40

Does it seem to you that these verses have three different focal points?
1.  Don’t worry (about money). Be generous and keep your focus on God, on your future home in heaven.
2.  Be ready at all times for Jesus to return.
3. We have no idea when Jesus will come. If we did, we wouldn’t have to be in a constant state of preparedness.

OK, now I see how they all fit together.

First, get your mind set correctly. Don’t be worried about worldly things (money and what it can buy) but look straight ahead at the path to heaven.

Secondly, as you travel you must always be ready for the host to appear and escort you on the final leg of your journey.

And lastly, there is no way to know when the big exciting end to your journey will come. So carry on, constantly anticipating the Lord’s arrival, that day when you will no longer be looking down the path to heaven because you will be there.


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