A New Direction:
Have you ever started a journey and then decided to take a side trip or maybe just head in a different direction? In the car I am usually bent on getting somewhere (to my daughter’s house or to a family reunion) and don’t feel the freedom to take a side road and see where it leads or stop to investigate an interesting winery. There was a time when Beth and I were driving back from Mari’s house in Maryland and we took a wrong turn somewhere  (as we are likely to do) and ended up driving through some mountains that were not on our scheduled route. Although this made our trip longer and we were a bit annoyed with ourselves, we got to see beautiful places that we hadn’t intended to experience.

In my daily life, I am constantly veering from the appointed path. Like today, I started writing Grace Notes, my church’s weekly prayer list and newsletter, which led me to my email to retrieve a message from one of my readers that I wanted to include in the newsletter. Email inbox open I saw a message from wordpress that said I had a comment to approve so off I went to wordpress. From comments I went to look at the blog and had the idea of changing the format yet again. My new idea is to change what started as a lectionary format and then briefly morphed into Sunday School daily readings into a Christian conversation based on the scriptures and how the instruct and inspire us.

I hope you’ll join me. You can leave your part of the conversation as a post or if you would like to add a guest post, leave me a comment about that and we’ll get together to get your post added.


God has given me my love for writing. I have a personal blog and a church blog. I’d like to blend them together into a personal Christian blog. I want to read the Bible in a systematic manner and I’ve wanted to try WordPress. So here I am, combining all of these into one project.

I live in Oklahoma with my husband. We have two daughters, one son-in-law and one grandson. I am hoping for another son-in-law and more grandchildren. My husband is a renaissance man, I am a public school librarian by day and I have a 4-12 hour a week job at the public library at night and on weekends.

My “religious” background is as a protestant. My grandma, who had a great influence on me, was a blazing Baptist. My mom was raised Baptist and my dad’s family attended the Methodist Church. I was baptized as an infant in a small Methodist church in Kansas. We moved to California when I was four and for some reason became Presbyterians. I grew up in the Presbyterian Church. I entered holy matrimony in 1979, moved to Oklahoma and became a Methodist again.

Some of my Christian heroes are C. S. Lewis, Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, and Mr. Rogers. Of course the people I actually know have had a much greater impact on shaping my life. I am grateful to them and love them muchly.

Let me know if you have any questions. If they aren’t too personal, maybe I’ll answer. No, really, I’ll answer them if I can.


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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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